Thisneee fa shamble

Jaai ssesner glin.

E’e ya kin nare fo slabin.

On grasty belliferous mancy plabe,

Herreting woosener’s e’e sa zazim.

Iii ‘iloopnasd vramdle dee da deed ode.

Simble paquaz’d me femble Fa Goad.

Herzy! Chakler dooda doodee da’a.

Yrissiry srassars nin lool

Haah! Feef.

Jo ko jo lo po jo pippi sa poo

Momsy jhish asdalabe

Quinny? Qui quoo.

Flemfy? G jood!


Distinction remains,

Who believed Mimesis?

Euclid? Plato?

Aristotle, the Worldviewer

Demands mythopoetic


Because savage ideas


Only show no sign


fRaternity of Children

wag magical anything

unacceptable demands,

no uniform divisions.

I know Eskimos

Right over the edge

Literate, reading correct

White Man, privilged

Viewer;upside, formal,


In courage, orientation.

Spatial, while turning.


Continue, Myth Teller.

Many to many

From anywhere.

FOR: Nigerians study Americans;

IF: Sum times,

Un able to/two/too

In Dick ate Shah Does.


//Many Possible, it ease

//Ex-peers hence native cast


//Or jumbled colored


IF:In dick ate ING

THEN:Dire erect Shah, on.

Remains in Art and Time,

Give equal space!


Sandpainting, allowing

Earthbound walking.

Preserved forby you

Mindful walker...

When were you born








as i rode out onto the beach of witches

bandersnatch in tow and vorpal sword in hand

alice called, "the lights!"

and threw my hat to obscure

our higher ups

from the sneeves and slumps

who dared tred flower petals

of forgiveness

FETCH(for D)



Slapp’d inna maelstrom

Of praise and scorn

Sham! Fully drammin’

I chased, trotted and


Windy, wild, keen

Even sincere

I chased.

Retrieve retried ING AMA


You called

I pissed and tucked tail

Ears cowed

I chased

Convicted even

Committed, the last judge said,



I rise,

Leashed and ready

To be again.


Brains illuminate

Technicolor perceptions

Travel to the rear

Sun drenched, vibrant,


Most primitive

Before the Word

Qunitessence of The

Uni verse

Limbic sense both

Energy & entity

Relatively, after All

Light, Alone

Rebel corroboration




Vaticaneers regulate


Nobly re-served Churchkins

Cardinale, little kings

The Purple

Red, Gold and Silver




White and Blue

Boy, line and form what(?)

We, all ready, know

Windows let light in

Outside, The Opposite

Lord, I see, saw that Jew

Hater said,

"Make it new."

In Truth as in dirt

The Meek rub out

Pricks mob rule


Slime $ Soot

2 God's Own Brown Sauce



Lighter & Brighter

Cnes firing, Seurat


Tiny Pieces

Unabashed Color

Depends on Speed

Minions pulse & push

Forward, noble Sausage Sower


Me & Her

meander along the tortoise song hummingbirds know moobows light the meadow path tiny toes strum cricket bows and tall grass kisses butterflies sunshine hearts alike

up the hill to the old grace yard our shadows pulled us gently mumbled something said the youth pointing somewhere ahead

the sun, the moon each took turns pushing with feathers no human eyes can see thought the birds and flowers seemed to laugh as You closed the doors of me

Musicircus In a dream John Cage chance or choice, moderated Rose Selavy "post coital" dialogued the future with Marcel Duchamp

Emoition, to be suppressed Love blind to(o) 1)seeing and 2)hearing The real work, the improvement of The Planet Re-eroticization takes places "Say the word!" Sensuas presence WORK To do something else, invent suits, use pasts. Every Operatic feature: Fusion all genres, union of word and music dramatic progression passion and grandeur, sustained effort to produce plotless characterless High Institutional Representations of style.

Waking up to the way love living Soft utopian thinking. "Zardoz comes!" guru of purposeless play Cut ones mind and desires out of The Way. "impossible." No political convictions common wisdom ignores psychological complexities. "No, sense." human suffering, aggression evil, whore to the wind, disappear without a trace, superficially; shallowless of thought, he merely died.

Utopian America silence. Vertical construction Social domination, unresponsive to potential: liberation material practices diverge from these ideals: Happy Meals Meals on Wheels with Blondes in High Heels. Horizontal, get plucked readymade, opposed to all external cocks and systems, tzukZwang! or

Interpenetration is a dirty dirty word let's have a catch American dream'er Go Botox! Do these lips/hips look division of a whole here kitty kitty Oh! Into parts, sex is violence the Addicts say reproduction World of Power Gay men so gay groping to hope Presidential Fartsy Nod "Permission granted, but not to do." whatever you want, comprehensive coverage? Mandatory buy? Monthly payments? Payment plans? Layaway? Insure a plan in the book of Mormon(wink, wink, budge, nudge) If you've got a dollar or magic underpants kill a redskin for the Queen of Israel, or an infidel for the Quran. the very attempt to order sound; coherent, complete, resolving, elaborate, formal: Black Tie Guys, skirts and ankles up! Manipulation


Natures, natural way: enjoy! choose Orgasms over sex, Love.

Sensus Communis casts Cagey poethics Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 Not! Necessarily, in that order Bitch you're messing up the Universal Law Deepest penetrating freedom To be (or not) One Self.

"Remember when you were young, and you shone like the sun?" Don't trust no words on no paper. Fishy, fishy, fishy Fish. Passive resistance is like silent film animal sex. "I know, I know," she said thinking, yeah right the first movie was about a horse. My darling, oh my darling, she'll be coming round the mountain, when she comes. "PITCHFORK!" opening the door of music shaped box. Deep structure singular irreducible chance Chauncey choice "Give it to me! Now!" lyrics I love love love you.

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