About √2

√2 is the story of the everyman and the journey of life from this world to the next. It is a collection of episodes whose order is only marginally consequential. The ultimate mashup, embodying the equivocation between memory and invention, between a world represented (remembered) and a world created (imaginal).

√2 evokes another world existing somewhere between the time-movement image, the viewer’s subconscious and the form factor through which it is interacted with: evanescent, unreal, unreachable, attested to for a brief instant before it vanishes, like the image of the cinema.

At once both the ultimate marketing and advertising medium and cinematic high art, √2 is poetry in motion, mass consumer conscious manipulation, propaganda, social engineering, dream-scraping, political manifesto, Deleuzian philosophical treatise, social commentary, comic book, dine store novel, transmedia masterpiece, pagan sacrificial offering and prayer of thanks to the Divine. Human. American. Punk.

None of the above is true and all of it is plagiarized.

About Esper Lukat Films

At ESPER LUKAT we are film buffs, especially interested in the cinema philosophy of Deleuze, The Body Without Organs and work that explores alternate ways of seeing the archetypal systems that define the way humanity thinks and feels.

Please keep finsihed films under two minutes per shooting page of your script, or less.

This means that if you have a 3 page script your completed movie should be 6 minutes or less.

Iconic ELF Mashup Festival

Departing from the normal hierarchical film making procedure, The Iconic ELF Mashup Festival seeks to push the boundaries of modern film making, taking advantage of the latest technologies to explore the non-traditional film making techniques.

In this forum we explore the possibilities of distributed architecture film making, mashup/cutup and the geo-centric nature of time and place as it impacts the propaganda inherent in any subjective pov.

Following in the footsteps of Inonic artists like Michaelangelo, when painting the Cistine Chapel he would color code the garments of the figures so that the unwashed masses, who were for the most part illiterate, could identify with the characters in the story.

In √2 we have 11 main characters who are each assigned a wardrobe color. In this way continuity is preserved for the viewer when different productions in different places are shooting the same scenes with different sets and different actors. The basic dialogue of each of the 35 scenes is intended as a guideline, leaving each film maker to interpret the spirit of their short film as they see best.

Ideally, each of the production units making a short movie and then contributing it to be integrated in the mashup will not know the story lines of the other 34 movies. Preserving the isolation and integrity of each short movie and then including it with the other 34 movies shot by different crews in different places with different actors leaves plenty of space for the movie to take place in the minds eye of the viewer.

After you shoot your movie, use Google Wallet to pay your $9 Festival Submission Fee. When your fee is received you will be sent a link to upload your movie.

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